Thursday, 5 January 2012

Exercise 7 - Verbs: Irregular Verbs [Part 2]

Complete the exercise below. If you need guidance, refer to Verbs: Irregular Verbs [Part 2] post.

Verbs - Irregular Verbs [Part 2]

The past tense form of an irregular verb does not end in '-d' or '-ed'.

Exercise 6 - Verbs: Regular Verbs [Part 1]

We have learned Verbs: Irregular Verbs [Part 1]. Now let's complete the exercise below:

Verbs - Regular Verbs [Part 1]


Verbs are words which are used to show the performance of an action, thoughts, feelings, possessions, or a state of being (be).


 The past tense form of a regular verb ends either in '-d' or '-ed'.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Exercise 5 - Comparison of Adjectives [Part 2]

We have done both parts of Comparison of Adjectives [Part 1] and Comparison of Adjectives [Part 2]. The lessons are not complete without exercise. Enjoy yourself!

Comparison of Adjectives [Part 2] - Irregular Comparison

The Comparison of Comparative and Superlative of adjectives are formed in two other ways:

'More' is added.

'Most' is added.

Irregular Comparison:
The words 'less' and 'least' are used.

Example of Comparison of Adjectives: